We offer two methods of sharpening. One process is using a water cooled machine called a Tormek. After establishing the primary grind we refine with a less aggressive wheel and hone using jewlers rouge.


Knife Sharpening on Tormek



The other process is a rod and stone system. Which is basically doing the blade by hand with the knife stationary and the stones are moved over the blade. We use diamond or natural stones during this process determined by customer preference. This system is called KME system.


KME Rod and Stone System


Both of these methods can be looked up on the web for further explanation. We sharpen all types of knives from kitchen to pocket. Just measure the size of the blade from tip to shank. (Handle of knife not included)


We also offer serrated edge sharpening at no additional cost. 


Japanese knives are done by hand using ceramic Shapton stones.


Sushi Knife








There is a 35.00 min for all residential customers.