There are many types of medical scissors in the industry today


Crafoord                           Deaver

Deaver                                Dubois

Dinocietto                          Iris

Jorgensen                           Joseph

Kelly                                  Lister

Mayo                                  Metzenbaum

O’Brien                              Operating

Radiance                            Satinsky

Seigold                               Sims

Spencer                              Strabismus

Thorek                               USA Umbilical

Willauer                           ZED


To name a few…



With These also comes several curvature types

Angled on Flat                   Curved

Fully Curved                       S-Curved

Slightly Curved                  Straight




With that said, S&R Sharpening is a sharpening service.   We know that physicians rely on the integrity of these instruments, therefore we need to make it clear we sharpen these types of scissors to the existing angle in which we receive them.


 Our ability is to sharpen scissors only, we do not recondition, or rebuild.


 We at S&R Sharpening feel that it is imperative to our physicians and veterinarians that they know this ahead of time. If you have medical scissors that require a sharp edge we are confident that we can help you to extend the life of these tools.