• Do you use one of those exchange services and are just not happy?

  • Are your knives dull 2 days after you received them?

  • Do you get the run around when you try to talk to someone?

  • Have you or have you tried to have one of your employees sharpen your knives, with little to no success?


    Kitchen Cutlery



Then call S&R Sharpening!!! We are an onsite mobile sharpening service. We are completely self-contained and will not interfere with what matters most, serving your customers.


Mobile Shop


We use a time honored tradition of personal service. You will meet and personally speak to the person actually sharpening your knives. Isn’t time you know your sharpener? We believe that building relationships along with quality work is what customer service is all about.


So what’s next? Give us a call and we can schedule a time that we can come out and give you an example of what we do. We will sharpen 1 knife for free so you can see the quality of our work. At that time we can discuss a plan that works for you.