In order to maintain your shears, it is imperative that you use a reputable and professional shear sharpener that does not grind but hones your shears to sharpen them.  Cleaning and maintaining your shears between sharpening’s will give your shears more life, not to mention make your job easier by working the way you need them to.



Proper care includes:

  • Keep Dry

  • Oil Regularly with SCISSOR Oil

  • Weekly cleaning with 96-99% Alcohol

  • Wipe down Dailey with Chamois or soft cloth

  • Keep Shears in a leather case, not plastic

  • KNOW your Sharpener!






When we sharpen beauty, barber, and grooming shears, we use a Japanese flat hone called a Hira-to. We understand the special care that these hard working shears require.


Each shear is inspected, we check the bumpers, finger rests, and bearings or washers that are located around the pivot screw. We are prepared to replace these items if necessary.


The shears are taken apart, cleaned with alcohol, and then placed on a clamp that allows us to establish the exact angle of the shear before sharpening. The blades are honed with a series of gritted discs, each one finer than the last and hand honed between each disc to remove any burrs. We then polish to remove all scratches and restore to like new. After both blades have gone through this process we reassemble, test and adjust the set. We test one more time and return to customer.


There is no better feeling than to see the face of a stylist when they try their newly sharpened shear for the first time.  Priceless !!!!